Math Links


  Math Practice 
  ABCya! - math & reading activities by grade level  
  Math Magician - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division facts (timed)  
  BitesizeBBC website for all math practice  
  Fact Monster Math Games  
  Cool Math for Kids  
Math Skill Building (It's a Canadian site so the money is Canadian)

Grade 3                Grade 5

  Counting & Cardinalty  
  Give a Dog a Bonefind the hidden bones on a number grid  
  Operations & Algebraic Thinking  
  Drag 'n Drop - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division  
  Product Game - multiplication facts - can be 2 players  
  Factor Game - finding factors - can be 2 players  
  Parentheses Practicepractice the order of operations  
  Percents- Legend of Dick and Dom.  
  Numbers & Base Ten  
  BaseTen Blocks - make numbers using base-10 blocks  
  Place Value Pirates - whole numbers and decimals  
  Decimals of the Caribbean - whole numbers and decimals  
  Place Value Puzzler4 levels of difficulty to choose  
  PBS Kids - spatial & logical mathematical games (about 2nd & up)  
  Fraction Games-more advanced fraction games  
  Kids & Cookies - equal sharing, including fractions  
  Fraction Identification  
  Fraction Exploration - good teacher demonstrations  
  Measurement & Data  
  Time-for-Time - telling time & elapsed time  

Telling Time - Matching digital to analog

  Data Picking-finding out the mean, median, range, and tally charts  
  Measurementweights, capacity, time, and measurement interactives  
  Capacity-Arti Ounces Soda Stand game  
  Area & Perimeter - measure and calculate area and perimeter of rectangles  
  The Ruler Game - find measurements on a ruler up to sixteenths  
  More Ruler Games cm, mm, and inches practice  
  Alien Angles - estimating angle measurements  
  Angles - exploring & measuring angles by moving a protractor  
  Angle Measuring - angle measuring by rotating a stationary protractor  

Geometry Lesson- grades 3-4