Everyday Math Program
     The Everyday Math program provides the students with a meaningful, hands on approach to learning math.  Concepts and skills are developed over time and in a  variety of contexts.   The daily lesson allows review and practice to maintain skills.  Families will be provided with information on the program's structure and curriculum in each unit's Family Letter and with daily homework. 
  • count by 5s to 50
  • count by 2s to 40
  • count up and back by 1s, starting with any number up to and including 20
  • count up and back by 1s on the number grid
  • count 20 or more objects
  • write numbers from 1-20
  • write and count tallies
  • compare pairs of numbers up to 22
  • know the values of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters
  • calculate the values of combinations of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters
  • make coin exchanges
  • find sums
  • identify and complete patterns
  • tell time to the hour, nearest half-hour
  • understand the place value for tens and ones
  • solve addition and subtraction number stories
  • identify and use patterns on the number grid