Homework Policy


Homework is an important part of the learning process. Homework provides reinforcement and practice of taught skills which leads to academic success. Homework helps students develop study and organizational skills. With a strong home-school connection, students learn the importance of hard work and personal responsibility.
Assignment Books
Your child received an Assignment Book. Each day the students will write down all their homework assignments.  Please sign the assignment book nightly to indicate that your child completed all homework.  The assignment book comes back to school daily with completed homework.  It will be very if you assist your child with learning organizational skills. Please assist with the packing up process to ensure a great start to the day.
All homework will be written down in the assignment book. Homework papers, and "stay home" papers are carried home in the Homework Folder. "Stay Home" papers include notices, flyers, or checked work.  The Homework Folder comes back to school daily with completed homework and assignment book.  Homework provides essential extra practice as well as reinforcement of study skills.  3rd and 4th grade students are required
read nightly and document their reading on their READING LOGS.  Parents are asked to sign nightly to verify that their child read at home.
If an assignment is missed, a Homework Notice will be issued. Please sign the notice which will be attached in the Assignment Book and have your child return the missed assignment the next day.
If the student misses 2 or more than assignments in 1 week, a lunch detention will be served. 
Our goal is to help students develop into responsible, more independent  learners. Your support and encouragement is very important.