Edgewater Park Township Schools

  Fourth Grade Curriculum

Texts: Houghton Mifflin “Reading”

Various individually titled books are available for students of all ability levels and are also used as supplemental reading materials.

Areas of study:


__Recognizing and Discrimination


__Critical Listening


__Word Analysis Skills





__Word Skills

__Study Skills

__Thinking Skills



Text: “Everyday Mathematics”, manipulatives

are used as supplemental materials.

__ Know addition/subtraction facts

__Use the statistical landmarks maximum and minimum

__Subtract multi digit numbers

 __Add multi digit numbers

 __Find equivalent names for numbers

__Understand the relationship between multiplication and


__Draw and label segments to the nearest cm.

__Use dollar-and-cents notation

__Compare large numbers

__Estimate sums

__Identify the whole for fractions

__Identify fractional parts of a collection of objects

__Identify fractional parts of regions

__Convert between hundredths-fractions, decimals, and


__Use a calculator to rename any fraction as a decimal or percents

__Use a transparent mirror to draw the reflection of a figure

__Identify lines of symmetry, lines of reflection, reflected

    figures, and figures with line symmetry



Text: Scholastic News, Harcourt Brace “States

and Regions”





Resources: Foss Kits and Silver Burdett Ginn “Science Horizons”

__Life Science

__Physical Science

__Earth/Environmental Science/Space




A comprehension and systematic approach to

library instruction is an essential life skill.

Students will learn:

__Identify Parts of a Book

__Identify Fiction Genres

__Utilize Reference Materials & Internet

__Use Card Catalog/Computer Listing

__Computer Library Catalog




__Microsoft Word

__Power Point


__Computer Enhanced Instruction (all subjects)



___Kid Biz 3000



__Family Life

__Mental Health

__First Aid and Safety

__Personal Health

__Dental Health


__Consumer and Community Health

__Chemical Health (“2000”)



__Growth and Development



Text: Silver Burdett Ginn “World of Music”

__Developing Singing Voice

__Understand Music Text

__Learn Songs By Memory

__Recognize Musical Notations

__Develop Sense of Harmony

__Respond To Music Through Rhythmic


__Enhance Listening Skills

__Expand Keyboard Experiences



__Develop Art Appreciation

__Understand Color Theory

__Participate in Craft Projects

__Become Familiar With Design

__Explore Aspects of Drawing

__Experiment with Lettering

__Explore Aspects of Painting

__Experience Printmaking

__Develop Skill in Molding and Sculpture



Students engage in activities that promote the importance of maintaining physical well being and good health throughout their lives.

__Dental Health


__Consumer and Community Health

__Substance Abuse Prevention



__Growth and Development



Students engage in activities that promote

the importance of maintaining physical well

being and good health throughout their lives.

Fall Activities:

__Presidential & Youth Fitness Test

__non-competitive and competitive ball

      handling skills

__soccer skills

__soccer lead up games

__aerobics and outdoor fitness training

__upper body theraband training

Winter Activities:

__apparatus and gymnastic skills

__rhythms and social dance

__basketball skills & lead up games

__basketball training circuits

__basic volleyball skills & net games

__volleyball training circuits

__aerobics & indoor fitness circuits

__theraband lower body training

Spring Activities:

__softball skills and lead up games

__jump rope activities

__sidewalk games & recreational activities

__track and field events

__Field Day

__aerobic outdoor fitness training

__theraband training for whole body

__cooperative & non-competitive games

__tennis lead-up skills