Reading Recovery

Mrs. Greco

Mrs. Stockhaus


What Reading Recovery Is and Is Not

What Reading RecoveryIS

What Reading Recovery IS NOT

* one-to-one individual teaching

*group or classroom instruction

*provided by a specially trained, certified teacher

*delivered by volunteers or para-professionals

*ongoing professional development for teachers

*a program you put in place for teachers

*adopted as a school initiative by the school staff

*one person's mandated program

*supplementary to classroom teaching

*the only reading instruction a child receives, not a substitute for classroom teaching

*for first-grade, determined by observation survey results

*a comprehensive program to improve literacy achievement in all grades

*data-driven teaching to continuously monitor children's progress

*a program that labels children through extended testing for disabilities

*a short-term intervention that prevents further difficulties in literacy

*a long-term service for children

*a continued commitment for literacy success

*a quick fix